Record Summarizations


Organizing and reviewing medical charts is a time-consuming activity for Law firms. Disability income and workmen’s compensation policy drafts are not coherent and ambiguous in their contractual terms. Making insurance companies delay and in some cases deny disability income benefits to deserving applicants.


Synergy focus is to equip attorneys managing medical litigation with an intuitive summary that aid in identifying pre-existing conditions or deviations of medical care.


The summary narration dates from 5-10 years of patients’ medical history in a chronological order of incident removing duplicates and non-medical information. We understand the need to draft a detailed yet concise summary that can aid attorneys’ case review process. The document is bookmarked to ensure to meet the defined categories.


Through embedded hyperlinks, we ensure easy navigation. The format of summaries is customized to meet client’s requirement.


A defined structure of capturing medical record dates, procedure(s), treatment/occurrence(s) and other customized data fields warrants for high accuracy. With relevant data pertaining to the case being highlighted the attorney’s time spent on review is slashed, thereby providing free time to focus on core business. With Synergy summary document being OCR enabled, and hyperlinked to medical record provides for instantaneous information.


Our unique and customized summarization is offered for

  • disability income insurance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Mass tort/Class Action

Providing attorneys the tools they need to bring various actions and matters to a successful conclusion.

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