Medical Examination Review

Synergy business service provides for prompt, precise and concise information. A pioneer in this field Synergy offers Medical examiners with information that meets the federal standards requirement. To guarantee this consistency, we at Synergy follow a highly systematic process wherein we confirm the appointment of the Patient/ Applicant and inform them about all necessary documents in advance. The orders are processed through phone, fax and email. We insist on quality review and follow up with medical examiner on the applicant’s status and details pertaining to their appointment.

By using our in-house quality audit tool we identify critical fields and supportive document like Para MEDs, declarations etc. This confirms the status of the applicant’s Life and/or Health Insurance form with essential information’s in the relevant fields. The business model and skill sets of our team revolve around the customers’ satisfaction and needs. We schedule and complete exams on time, our services are available at your door steps and mobile locations. Apart from cost savings our customers gain a proper medical exam, documentation and update of information.


In the United States, both the local and state governments are responsible for deciding the credential practice depending on the jurisdiction. At Synergy, our robust system of approaching the collection and verification of a provider’s professional qualification assure our client of high quality.

  • Registration
  • Licensure
  • Academic background

Synergy assesses each provider/medical technician’s professional competency and conduct, based on the Insurance or group the Provider are contracted to. We verify all the relevant documentations that are necessary for credentialing new Physicians / examiners and recredentialing the tenured. We validate their credentials against the Federal requirements and provide the report to the Insurance / Laboratory.

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