Attending Physician Statements (APS)

Synergy believes in relieving medical examiners, representing insurance companies, from the mundane task of medical record review and summarization. Our customized and improved medical record solutions and services are tailored to suit specific requirements of your organization. With over two decades of experience in the life insurance industry, we understand the need for a well-summarized document that is accurate and concise. Our vision for our clients is to reduce the turnaround time on the summary and increase revenue.

Summarization as a process is essential for Life Insurance industry, to identify and capture health concerns of the applicant. These sets of data and information will help the insurance company to determine the type of policy an applicant is eligible based on their risk threshold.

Synergy technology of web-based platform provides real-time status and traceability. A comprehensive summary of the applicant’s health history, encapsulates any or all-medical condition that might send alerts to Insurance companies to make their decision. Typical list of medical examination results are Lab Test, Blood Pressure (BP), Cholesterol-HDL, LDL and the Ratio.

Services rendered by us are:


With a robust workflow and indexing system provided by our expert team will decrease the time spent by medical examiner on summarization. We provide an accurate chronological synopsis of the patient from the time of admission to the time of discharge. The summary encompasses 3-5 years of the patient’s medical history. These give a vivid representation of the case.


Our stalwart underwriters scrutinize reports and summaries to meet client’s requirement. We ensure 99% accuracy by eliminating duplicates in our review system.


Our qualified team of underwriters can cull out specific terminology that would enable insurance company or BGA make a quick decision. They achieve this by chronological sorting, reviewing, and documentation of relevant medical terminology. With the turnaround time set for 24 hours, we at Synergy handle high-value cases with the utmost rigor, speed and quality.

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