Record Analysis

Once records are retrieved, Synergy can provide a range of additional record processing, management, and analysis services.  These include Scanning/Digitizing, OCR(Searchable Text), Organizing/Indexing/Tabbing, Chronological Sorting, Page Numbering/Bates Stamping, Record Coding – Database Search, and Annotation.

All retrieved medical records are automatically scanned/digitized, matched to the user’s request, and made available to view or download directly through the Synergy web application.  Records are available as PDF files, making them easy to share, organize, and store.

OCR (Searchable Text)
Converts scanned images of records into searchable text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.  Using Adobe Acrobat Reader users can rapidly search the scanned records for names, dates, keywords, or any other text or data, thus enabling them to find key information more quickly and thoroughly.  The original image of the record is preserved, and the words are highlighted where they appear on the page when users perform a search.

Organizing, Indexing, and Tabbing
Records may be organized, indexed, and divided into tabbed sections with hyperlinked table of contents for easy reference.   Based on the record type, tabs and categories are customizable.  Examples include type of treatment, history, correspondence, progress notes, nurses’ notes, pharmacy, labs, emergency room, etc.

Chronological Sorting
Sort medical records by date of treatment (chronological ordering) providing a sequentially ordered history of patient activity.  May be hyperlinked within a table of contents.

Page Numbering/Bates Stamping
Provides page-numbering on records and provide alpha-numeric page-labeling.  The standard page label consists of a lettered prefix followed by the page number.  The prefix may be an abbreviation for each individual facility or for the patient’s initials for a specific case.  This allows for quick reference while reviewing records from multiple providers.

Record Coding & Database Search
This service entails scanning a volume of documents (not just medical records), then identifying and coding segments of text within each document, enabling your organization to store information in queriable databases.

Allows reviewers to digitally mark up the medical record using sticky notes, circles, and highlights, without modifying or altering the original document.  The markups are saved as a web overlay to the original record and can be turned on or off during viewing.

We also provide complete and comprehensive Document Management Services.

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