Property & Casualty

Records retrieval is an important part of gathering information to accurately evaluate claim exposure to help validate subsequent claim payments.

Whether it’s:

  • Medical records:
    • To assess the nature and extent of injuries due to the loss
    • To determine the degree to which existing medical conditions has been exacerbated by the incident
    • Aid in making the correct decisions on how to quickly rehabilitate a claimant
    • To determine the needed mode of care
    • Compliance to PIP records requirements
    • UNIT STAT reporting requirements
  • Property records:
    •  to determine the owner(s) of the property
    • To identify any lienholders on the property
  • Accident reports
  • Driving records
  • Other policy records from other insurers
  • Or other claims related handling needs….

Having the complete records on hand can be pivotal in making the correct claims handling decisions.

Think of Synergy when claims arise for HO, GL, WC or other coverage applicable.

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