Life Insurance

APS Record Retrieval
Attending physician statements (APS’s) are a critical piece of the life insurance underwriting process.  The ability to get the APS securely, immediately and at the lowest price possible is essential for any Life Insurance company.

Many times the underwriting process is slowed because of delays around acquiring applicants medical records.  Let Synergy streamline your APS retrieval and close your policies faster.  We have established relationships with medical facilities across the country that allows for faster record retrieval and lower medical record acquisition costs.

Claims Record Retrieval
Insurance claims are a central part of our medical records retrieval operation.  When an individual makes a claim against any type of policy – health, long-term care, life or disability – we can quickly obtain all of the necessary medical records anywhere in the U.S.  Our trained claims specialists will assemble a complete health history so carriers can make informed payment decisions.

We service all organizations involved in the life insurance industry including Carriers, Broker General Agents (BGAs), and Independent Agents.

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