Employment Record Retrieval

Employment record retrieval takes time and experience.  There are  privacy laws and the bureaucratic red  tape of navigating multiple departments of large corporations or government agencies.  Synergy personnel have the record collection experience to do this job quickly and cost efficiently.

Free up your staff to spend more time on your business while Synergy focuses

on retrieving and organizing the records required.  Our dedicated team of professionals will work on your behalf and take full responsibility to ensure that you receive the exact records you have requested.  We do the follow-up so you don’t have to.

Synergy Web Application:  The Synergy technology platform exists in the cloud and provides a web-based record retrieval and management solution that greatly streamlines the process of requesting, retrieving, and organizing relevant medical records.  Synergy’s secure, easy-to-use web application gives users unlimited online access to all records, record retrieval tools, and resources – anytime, from anywhere in the world.  There is no software to buy or download, no monthly subscription fees, users only need to sign up and they are provided with a free Synergy account.

Requesting Records:  Requesting records is as easy as logging into Synergy, opening a case, and uploading any standard record request form.  Synergy experts follow the simple step-by-step process shown below for rapidly retrieving each record.

fast, easy employment record retrieval

Tracking and Receiving Records:
 Track the progress of each record request by viewing detailed notes from our record-retrieval case specialists.  Receive automated alerts if further information is required, provide responses online, and download or view complete digitized records immediately as the record is available.

Retrieved employment records are digitized, matched to your request, and made available to view or download anytime, anywhere directly through the Synergy web application.  Records are available as PDF files, making them easy to share, organize, and store.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easy keyword searching of records and other record processing and analysis services are also available.

Record Storage and Access:  Synergy will continue to host and store retrieved records on our secure servers for continual access by any authorized party as designated by your organization.  Users simply login to their Synergy account anytime, anywhere to view, print, download and save medical records.

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