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Frequently Asked Questions

We know how overwhelming it is in the beginning and you have a lot of questions popping in your head. Get them answered right away. If still not cleared, hit the button below, schedule an appointment & let’s catch up!

How long does it take Synergy to obtain records?

Turning the records around fast for our clients is our primary mission. The entire process takes less than 14 days for the majority of requests. Our case specialists will call the facility regularly to get the records in house as fast as possible.

What's your pricing?

Primarily we collect only a low-cost retrieval service fee per record request. Connect to know more about it.

What type of records can you obtain?

We can obtain almost every type of record – medicalbillingx-rayspathologypersonnelpayrollWorkers Compensation files, claim files from insurance companies, telephone records (local, long distance, and mobile), bank recordspharmacy recordspolice recordsfire recordsdriving recordsacademic recordsambulance records and business records of any kind. Any type of record that you would need to obtain we can get for you.

Does Synergy provide status reports?

Absolutely. You can find a real-time status report online when you log in to our web platform. This report will have all of the notes on where we are with each particular file.

How do I get my records?

We will alert you when the completed records are in and stored in the Synergy web repository. You will be able to login to the Synergy web application and view, print, download, and save the record to your system.

Can you get records in all 50 states?

Yes, we obtain records in all 50 states.

Do you copy X-rays?

Yes also see our broader medical imagery services.

Can you convert my unorganized paper documents to organized, digital (PDF), and indexed documents?

Yes, we provide complete document management services. Please contact us to discuss your needs.