SynergyIXS Offers Customers Hassle-Free Records Retrieval sdc

May 4, 2016

New York, New York
SynergyIXS Offers Customers Hassle-Free Records Retrieval, New York, New York

Despite a move toward a paperless work environment, professionals still rely heavily on documentation—especially those in the health, insurance and legal industries. In an often hectic workplace, employees need to find ways to create a hassle-free process. Legal and insurance professionals, rely on the web-based records retrieval platform at SynergyIXS.

SynergyIXS’ incredible management solution simplifies the process of requesting, retrieving, and organizing records needed for legal cases or life and health insurance purposes. All you have to do is upload your authorization and submit a record request form—the Synergy team takes care of the rest. Once the records are populated on the platform, you’ll be instantly notified.

records retrieval

Synergy works with many different types of records. You can use the records retrieval system to find X-rays, pathology notes, pharmacy records, and other aspects of someone’s health history. But SynergyIXS goes beyond medical records, accepting police, fire, and ambulance records as well as personnel documents, workers’ compensation files, payroll logs, and billing histories. Through SynergyIXS, you can even retrieve telephone records, claim files, academic documents, bank records, driving records, and much more.

Thanks to their advanced online platform, all records retrieved will continue to be stored on their servers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You can log into your account and access them at any time.

SynergyIXS is making strides in efficiency for the insurance and legal industries. If you have any questions about their records retrieval methods, give them a call at (800) 801-4091 or visit their website to browse their services.