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Scanning & Digitization sdc

Eliminate the hassle of scanning documents and capturing data. Certified and recognized for our compliance and security standards, Synergy IXS scans and converts millions of pages every year. We guarantee the accuracy of your data, improving turnaround times and decreasing operational costs.
Scanning Services for Any Format
We offer wide-format scanning services for a variety of document sizes, including
  • X-Ray Film
  • ANSI E-size (34” X 44”) and architectural E-size (36” X 48”), black & white, grayscale and color.
  • Large-Format Documents
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Architectural Drawings
  • Book Scanning
  • 16mm, 35mm Roll Microfilm
  • Microfiche (Jackets or COM)
  • Engineering Aperture Cards

Document Scanning for Any Budget
Our scanning services are scalable for a wide range of needs. Scan-to-budget solutions allow you to store your documents at our secure facilities and digitize them based on a monthly budget. This option facilitates a gradual, cost-effective conversion. Alternatively, scan-on-demand services pull and scan the documents you need on a pay-per-retrieval basis within minutes.

Contact us today by email at info@synergyixs.com or call (800) 801-4091.